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My Skinny Coffee Club Experience: Does it Really Work?

On a random Instagram scroll, I came across an advert from the Skinny Coffee Club. The name instantly grabbed my attention and I decided to check their page. The testimonials of many individuals who had tried the product themselves was intriguing. I decided to search the internet to see what bloggers thought about the product. I came across many good reviews. Most people had reported a loss in weight after having this product for 4 weeks or more.   This product had me at ‘coffee’ and ‘weight-loss’. I decided to order the 28 Day and Night Instant Edition. Upon purchasing,…

Coffee Myths

  I NEED COFFEE, these are the three words I begin my day with. Some drink coffee for the taste and the others drink it for the caffeine. As I tend to have at least 2-3 cups of coffee a day, I wanted to know more about this magical thing called caffeine that helps me do the impossible (aka, getting out of bed everyday). Coming from a science-background, I decided to look up the ‘facts’ I’ve known about the way caffeine works. To my surprise, a lot of the information I knew about caffeine was highly inaccurate. I want to…