My Skinny Coffee Club Experience: Does it Really Work?

On a random Instagram scroll, I came across an advert from the Skinny Coffee Club. The name instantly grabbed my attention and I decided to check their page. The testimonials of many individuals who had tried the product themselves was intriguing. I decided to search the internet to see what bloggers thought about the product. I came across many good reviews. Most people had reported a loss in weight after having this product for 4 weeks or more.


This product had me at ‘coffee’ and ‘weight-loss’. I decided to order the 28 Day and Night Instant Edition. Upon purchasing, I received a confirmation email containing link to a food and workout e-guide to help achieve the desired results.


After 5 working day, I finally received my order. I loved the adorable millennial packaging of the product. The instructions to have the coffee are simple: mix one teaspoon with of product with hot water. Milk and sugar should be avoided. I had to make one cup in the morning using the day edition and another cup 1 hour before bed using the decaf coffee from the night edition.

I do enjoy black coffee and quite enjoyed the small and taste of the day edition. The night edition has a strong overpowering taste of fennel.


My usual food and exercise routine is:

Breakfast: half and avocado on toast with poached eggs

Lunch: Greek Salad or Edamame Bean & Courgette Salad

Dinner: Usually varies

I also fit in 25 minutes of Pilates each morning.


Recently, I completed the 28-day program. Unfortunately, I only lost 0.5 pounds by consuming the product as per instructions and sticking to my usual food and exercise routine. I didn’t have any more than the recommended 2 cups of coffee (1 normal, 1 decaf) and avoided using milk or dairy-products at all times during the 28 days of using this product. Cutting dairy out was probably the silver lining of this experience as I noticed how I stopped bloating and felt a genuine feeling of wellbeing!

Would love to know your experience with weight-loss products in the comments section below!


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