Why I Didn’t Wear Anything but Jeans for Years

Over the past few months, my wardrobe has been going through a total revamp. I spent years shopping clothing that I was comfortable in but never branched out to anything outside my comfort zone. I avidly shopped for blouses but, I’d almost always pair them with my black/white jeans no matter what the occasion was. I pretty much never owned anything besides multiple pairs of black and white jeans. The main reason behind this total lack of willingness to step out of my bubble was due to the weight I had put on during the course of my university degree. I didn’t want to address the weight gain, that was especially prominent on my hips and thighs. I was afraid of trying out a pair of trousers, only to realize that I had moved a size (or two) up!


Upon graduating from the first degree this summer, something changed. I decided to take control of this irrational fear of my appearance. Also, I got time to focus on my health and wellbeing. I remember walking to H&M and picking up a bunch of stuff, that I would usually never look at, and trying it all on. Naturally, I didn’t like some of the items, but I couldn’t believe how nice the others looked on me! From someone who hadn’t had the courage to do this for so long, I was in total shock of how amazing some pieces were.


Upon my return back to Dubai, I gradually began to go out every weekend and spend time trying on pieces from the AW18 collection from different stores. I also discovered the power of accessorizing and how much it adds to the look. Coming up with different outfit ideas gave me a rush of adrenaline that I’d never experienced before. I also felt more confident and empowered. I’d underestimated how much the world of fashion adds to one’s life.


As this blog is a corner of the internet where I get to share the things I’m loving, I thought of sharing some new pieces from H&M and Zara’s AW18 collections that got me to fall back in love with fashion.

From left to right: Knitted polo-neck jumper in Beige, Leopard-print blouse, Knitted polo-neck jumper in Natural white, Chain print blouse, William Morris & Co. x H&M Wide Trousers, High-waist trousers in Green, Jumper with a stand-up collar.


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