How Retinol Worked on My Skin in Unexpected Ways

Retinol is a hot topic at the moment. I kept hearing about it but, I didn’t quite know what is was. A couple google searches later, I learnt that retinol was essentially vitamin A and that it is used to tackle various skin issues.


Amongst its uses, anti-ageing and acne really stood out. Being 21, I’d never incorporated anti-ageing products into my skin routine so far and wasn’t keen on doing so either. However, I definitely wanted to test out its effect on breakouts. Growing up, acne and breakouts weren’t a massive problem for me but, lately, I’ve noticed the arrival of spots accompanied by redness that have begun to bother me. I also read that retinol isn’t suitable for all skin types as it could exacerbate conditions like eczema, rosacea and psoriasis.


I decided to incorporate the Rodial’s Retinol Booster Drops into my skin regime. I’ve been using it for a month now. I apply 2 drops on my face at night ONCE a week. The minimal use of the product was because excessive use of anti-ageing products could irritate the skin, causes dryness and make it sensitive to the sun. For this reason, I applied the Bioderma Photoderm with SPF 50 during the day.


I opted for Rodial’s Retinol Booster Drops as (and I may be a bit biased now) I’ve loved their skincare for some time now, it really works well on my skin (to read my post about Rodial Facial Masks, click here). The packaging mentioned that the drops help even skin tone, reduce the appearance of wrinkles & age spots and minimize pores. After using it for one month, I noticed that it had made my skin more radiant. This glowy skin was due to the increase in cell turnover caused by the presence of 10% retinol in the product. However, I didn’t notice a reduction in my spot after usage.


Retinol achieved some unexpected results on my skin. I was especially impressed by its ability to make my skin glowy!


Would love to know your thoughts on skincare with retinol in the comment below!

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