About Me

Hi, I’m Arshi. Welcome to my blog. I began this page as a way to indulge in my passion of writing about my experiences.


I was raised in Dubai and relocated to England 5 years ago to study at a boarding school in Cambridge and never left. I studied my first degree at St. Georges University of London in Biomedical science where I graduated and received the St. George’s Gold Award. Upon graduation, I relocated to Buckingham, where I currently reside, to study Medicine at the University of Buckingham. I aspire to, one day, become a doctor in the NHS.


The work load on my courses can get stressful at times, leaving me with little time to engage in anything else. In the winter of 2017, I juggled with the idea of setting up a blog to share my experiences and thoughts with the world. It was definitely out of my comfort zone as I wasn’t a very creative person. I kept thinking who would want to take time out of their busy day to read my words!


In January 2018, I decided to give it a go and set it all up. With dissertation deadline and examinations approaching, I quickly forgot about the existence of my blog. In the midst of the heatwave in July 2018, I found myself thinking of it again, I wanted to revive my passion and share it with the world.


I usually aim publish an article a week. I really hope my work keeps you coming back again! Feel free to contact me at arshi@arshibaig.com with any suggestions or inquiries.

Thanks for reading!


Much Love