Coffee Myths

  I NEED COFFEE, these are the three words I begin my day with. Some drink coffee for the taste and the others drink it for the caffeine. As I tend to have at least 2-3 cups of coffee a day, I wanted to know more about this magical thing called caffeine that helps me do the impossible (aka, getting out of bed everyday). Coming from a science-background, I decided to look up the ‘facts’ I’ve known about the way caffeine works. To my surprise, a lot of the information I knew about caffeine was highly inaccurate. I want to…


Timeless Fragrances

Exactly a month ago, I made the decision to begin my own blog. I have got so many ideas that I am so excited to share them with all my readers! I wanted to dedicate my first post to something I am truly passionate about – perfumes! I’ve always loved the word of perfumes and avidly collect them. Fragrances just make me feel happy! They also have this magical power to evoke memories from the past. Over time, my likes have changed but, there are a few perfumes that have remained my all-time-favorites! These include (from left to right in…