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What Procedure I Got Done to My Skin

In the summer of 2014, I began to notice the appearance of these small, raised and pigmented spots on the temples of my face. Due to their location, I could hide them easily with a bit of foundation and conceal their presence with my hair. I’d mistakenly believed that their existence was genetic as my mother had similar spots in the same locations too. Over time I had completely forgotten about their existence. All this changed in the early months of 2018, when these spots started to appear all over my face, especially on my cheeks. Covering it with concealer…

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How I Cut My Night Skincare Routine Time in Half

I never sleep with my makeup on, regardless of how tried I am. I usually take it off with some makeup remover and then wash my face two times before applying my usual toner and night oil.   However, this process can be very tedious. This changed when I decided to give the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm a go. I applied a decent amount of product with the applicator (included in the box) onto my palms to warm it up and then gently massaged it onto my skin. Once, my makeup had been removed, I took the product off with…


How Retinol Worked on My Skin in Unexpected Ways

Retinol is a hot topic at the moment. I kept hearing about it but, I didn’t quite know what is was. A couple google searches later, I learnt that retinol was essentially vitamin A and that it is used to tackle various skin issues.   Amongst its uses, anti-ageing and acne really stood out. Being 21, I’d never incorporated anti-ageing products into my skin routine so far and wasn’t keen on doing so either. However, I definitely wanted to test out its effect on breakouts. Growing up, acne and breakouts weren’t a massive problem for me but, lately, I’ve noticed…


Discovering the power of Accessorizing with Rebecca Minkoff

In the last post, I spoke about how I fell back in love with fashion and everything it stands for (in case you missed it, click here). I also touched on how accessorizing can really change the look and take it to a whole new level. I’d always heard about how accessorizing can be game-changing but, I always thought it was something reserved for the creative minded among us. Here, I talk about how I realized that there was more to accessorizing than the standard black Gucci Double G belt!   One day in Zara, I grabbed a pair of…


Why I Didn’t Wear Anything but Jeans for Years

Over the past few months, my wardrobe has been going through a total revamp. I spent years shopping clothing that I was comfortable in but never branched out to anything outside my comfort zone. I avidly shopped for blouses but, I’d almost always pair them with my black/white jeans no matter what the occasion was. I pretty much never owned anything besides multiple pairs of black and white jeans. The main reason behind this total lack of willingness to step out of my bubble was due to the weight I had put on during the course of my university degree.…


5 Incredible Beauty Brands You Probably Haven’t Heard About

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the Beauty Carnival, an event held in Downtown Dubai by Beauty Solutions Middle East and Beautiful Brands. The event had a set-up that mirrored that of a carnival. They had everything from the spin-the wheel game to a cotton candy stand! Alongside this, there were little stalls, each representing a beauty brand that is sold online at Beauty Solutions Middle East and Beautiful Brands. Each of these stalls were beautifully decorated with products that particular brand sold. On the day, as I walked around the event, I got to discover so many brands I hadn’t…


My Experience with Oribe Haircare

Back in 2007, haircare products predominantly fell in two categories; one that was designed to be used by professional hair technicians and the other group consisted of products that were available to purchase at your local superstore. This changed with the launch of Oribe Haircare in 2008. Each product was carefully crafted to deliver high performance when used by professionals or at home. Fast forwarding to 2018, Oribe is now an award-winning brand that has expanded into the makeup and skincare realms as well!   I had the opportunity to meet their International Educator, Mandee Tauber at the Oribe Masterclass…


Game-changing Sukin Skincare Products You Need to Try

We often tend to look at the ingredients that are used to make the food we eat but, we never pay attention to what goes into the products that we use on the largest organ of our body, the skin. The Australian bran, Sukin Naturals, advocates the use of more natural ingredients and craft beautiful products that are free from additives and any harsh chemicals that can cause damage to our skin. Sukin Naturals recently launched their skincare range in the United Arab Emirates. I was quite excited as had heard so much about the amazing quality of their skincare…


My Skinny Coffee Club Experience: Does it Really Work?

On a random Instagram scroll, I came across an advert from the Skinny Coffee Club. The name instantly grabbed my attention and I decided to check their page. The testimonials of many individuals who had tried the product themselves was intriguing. I decided to search the internet to see what bloggers thought about the product. I came across many good reviews. Most people had reported a loss in weight after having this product for 4 weeks or more.   This product had me at ‘coffee’ and ‘weight-loss’. I decided to order the 28 Day and Night Instant Edition. Upon purchasing,…